Thursday, June 5, 2008

Poop Bags - A Dog Owner's Story

Two weeks ago, I ordered a 3-month supply of Poopbags, found on Paul, the owner of Poop Bags, was sick of using plastic bags (huh, funny, same name and pesky issue). He realized the implications of plastic bags and decided to make fully biodegradable dog bags. It meets the ASTM D6400 specification for biodegradability, and comply with biodegradable product claims in all 50 states. Basically, the bag will degrade about the same time an apple will, given the fact that it will go into an "open" or "turned" landfill rather than an "anaerobic" or "locked" landfill. Please check with your local landfill for details. The website has a great facts page in regards to dog waste and plastic bags, which made me make the switch.

There are two great things aside from the fact that it is biodegradable. One, once tied, it does not leave a lingering smell of dog feces compared to putting it in a plastic bag. Secondly, the prices are very comparable and has free shipping for any size order. Example, I bought 100 bags for $18.98. I went over to my local pet store, which sold a competitor bag, Bio Bag; 50 bags for $9.99 plus tax. So, you have two great options here, but I like Poop Bags because I am supporting a start-up as well. So, be a responsible pet owner, pick up the poop the right way...a simple switch that you will feel good about.

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